Words & Images Story

Hello Words & Images friend!  Can I share my story with you?  I created Words & Images in 2015 because I wanted to do more than work a job.  I wanted to live my dream and make a positive difference in my community!  I enjoy fashion and thought it would be a great idea to use t-shirts to create more value for my community.  I thought positive, inspirational and proud messages would impact the way the people in my community viewed my community.  I also thought making my t-shirts fashionable, creativity and high quality would make it easier to buy into the message.  I want to make a difference in my community one t-shirt at a time!  I proud to say we are doing that.  When you support Words & Images you are supporting better communities, entrepreneurship and a better wardrobe.  Thank you for your partnership and confidence it what Words & Images does!  -Terrell Harris.