My Story

I know what it’s like to not act on the consciousness in your heart telling you “don’t listen to the crowd,” “you’re valuable” “leave them behind” “you have a unique idea you can make money from.”  I know what it’s like to be empowered and what it’s like to feel powerless.  I love fashion.  Perfect!  Conscious Cool! 

With our products we want to empower you to be yourself, reach your goals, turn your back to the crowd and step out of the boat when everyone else is playing it safe.  We want to set ablaze your consciousness to think for yourself, follow truth, pursue your dream and don’t be afraid to B U in a world trying to make you like them.  We want you to look cool while you doing it.  Thus, Words & Images

Our hearts and minds are filled with words and images that are either driving us forward or holding us back from being all we were created to be.  Milwaukee born our clothing line is designed to help our customers pursue true self while cutting ties with anyone, anything and anyplace holding them back.  I want our customers to avoid some of the mistakes I made on the path to finding and valuing myself and I want them to look cool doing it!  We provide a diversity of affordable styles for a diversity of people. 

“BE Conscious Cool” in pursuit of you and dream.”  “Amen!”  

Terrell Harris